A graduate and an ambassador of the University of Texas at San Antonio, with a degree in business finance. Blessed with the opportunity to be a part of two UTSA track and field championship track teams. As a lifelong resident I have seen the growth and development that has created many opportunities for District 6 citizens. My experience has given me the knowledge needed to represent the growing needs of district 6. 

Let’s hit the ground running!

Oversee the financing of District 6 and its scheduled growth.   

     Massive infrastructural growth is happening in District 6. It is important to make sure that our budget is consistently reviewed and monitored to make sure that funds are being allocated correctly. I will use my educational knowledge to review all current and future budgets, trends, and, spending to benefit the citizens of district 6.

Keeping physical education and musical programs functioning at the maximum capacity in NISD. 

     Let's keep it moving San Antonio! I will use my Northside Independent School District (NISD), Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), United States of America Track & Field (USATF),University Interscholastic League (UIL), and National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) experiences to maximize our athletic experiences for the youth.  Programs such as youth Presidential fitness awards & field days should be used more frequent to increase our youth’s participation in sports. I will support our musical arts programs to place instruments in the hands of our young citizens. I am sure together we can harvest a proactive & creative environment for our youth. There is a happy healthy future ahead of us!

Community unity and bonding.

     Born and raised in Silver Creek our community always gathered around the neighborhood parks the first Tuesday of the month. This gathering became much like a miniature holiday that allowed us to interact and communicate. The neighbors always kept in touch, and when something wrong was happening in the neighborhood we all knew instantly. I would continue to push for neighborhood meet and greets because I am a firm believer of the bonds and relationships that follow.   We need to continue to strengthen District 6. I promote community, unity, and bonding. 

Promote and support tourism.  

       We have a lot to offer tourist from all around the world. Sea World is at the top of our list, a great place to learn about marine life while enjoying various rides and shows. Our famous authentic Mexican food provides a true southern comfort that cannot be replicated. I believe District 6 can continue in attracting real monetary value that translates into positive growth among the community. I will enforce programs that uses incentives to bring tourist to our historical parts of San Antonio in District 6.